Election Breakdown

23 Aug

So before we get too in depth with whats going on in the media and how our country feels according to “experts” and pollsters why don’t we start off by looking at each state individually broken down by their elected officials shall we? So I have attached a breakdown of each states election results from where their electoral votes went in the 2016 election, whether or not they have a GOP or Dem. Governor, Congressional breakdown, and  State Legislature Breakdown.. This was pretty eye opening especially when you see how truly dominant the GOP has been in recent elections..



The Pulse of Our Nation

23 Aug

With all this chaos going on in our country I have found myself constantly asking myself is our country really this divided? When I turn on the news I see countless marches and protests, apparently Nazis are a huge problem in our country now? Take a look at social media and if you follow any actor, sports star, or any type of made-up celebrity it seems we are full of political experts who “know the pulse of the country.” But no matter what channel I am watching it seems there is always a political agenda, and it’s usually the same one. Racial tensions are high, Trump is a Nazi-sympathizer, and undercover white racists surround us. I’m sorry friends I have a hard time believing any of this. But hey maybe I am just ignorant to the true state of our country and the problems we are facing. So lets take a look at some things and see what we can decipher and possibly figure out the real state of our country.

Now this is going to be an ongoing collaborated effort, so once a week we will get together and discuss some current events happening while also looking into various claims made by the media and their perspective pulse of the nation… I have a feeling together we are going to uncover some holes in their claims and I look forward to seeing where this series takes us.


2 Aug

Coming soon…