What a secure border means

8 May

Secure Border

How to Secure the Border

Securing the border would bring about many benefits for the Country, in national security, economics, and even in the attitude many citizens feel toward each other. Having a secure border is extremely important for national security because with a secure border people are not going to be freely crossing into the United States who wishes to bring harm to our way of life. Knowing who is coming into the country is vital to keeping a country safe. For example, would you be comfortable just leaving your front door open for people to just come live in your house as they please? The answer, of course, is no, no one in their right mind would run a house like that, so why should we continue to run our country like that?

Next, economically we would benefit from a secure border. Having less illegals would mean there would be less undocumented workers who are not paying taxes, and there would be less people on government programs who are not American citizens, this in itself would result in a positive reaction for the economy.

Lastly, The citizens would feel more comfortable towards each other. Knowing your country is safe(er) with a secured border is huge especially since it would increase positive relations between people with less of a fear of “is this person here legally?” I know it sounds pretty crazy, but this is how some people think, and a weak border has only increased prejudice and bigotry since the unknown creates large fear. All in all a secure border is important, after all a country without a border is not a country!

Legal Immigration

7 May

Legal Immigration...

1 million, that is the number of legal immigrants the United States allows per year. This is a huge number especially compared to other countries in the world, but if you listen to the media you would almost think the U.S. never permitted any immigrants into the U.S. due to the number of sympathizers to the illegals. Most other countries also have strong border laws, which they also enforce. When actually understanding these two things it is pretty clear that the United States is very welcoming to immigrants, the issue is created when people mistakenly combine ILLEGAL and LEAGAL immigration. America was built on legal immigration; it was built on people coming here for the right reasons, and to become American citizens. This is not always the case for the ones who cross illegally. Many are being selfish and taking advantage of flaws in our system, many are coming to simply reap the benefits of the United States without contributing. The United States must have a strong border, and in the importance of national security, must be able to control those who enter the country, especially during times of war and conflict.

All that being said, I also believe that the United States can afford to allow more than just 1 million immigrants in per year. I believe in the American dream, and I believe the United States to still be that beacon of light to which people aspire to come to. I believe we are a nation that opens is arms to the immigrants that respect our laws and come immigrate here the right. I believe we can open ourselves to allowing more than just 1 million immigrants a year, but only if we can also limit the number of illegals crossing the border a year.



Illegal Immigration

7 May


Illegal Immigration is a major issue in the United States today, and I do not think we can last many more years without seriously addressing it. In fact we have been pushing this problem to the side for many, many years. Even President Reagan had positions on this problem. Personally, I think this problem can be solved, although one blanket law or form of legislation is not the way to get real reform and solutions in place. I am a firm believer that each illegal immigrant needs to be properly vetted and analyzed before a decision can be made. (Although I am also a firm believer that most illegals should be sent back to their home countries, but there are special circumstances and situations where people could be allowed to stay.) Though this position is not “popular” among either side, I believe the “popular” position is not always the right one. I am aware that vetting the 12 million illegals will take a long time; there is no quick and easy solution. But before we can address the problems with the illegal’s here, we must first stop the flow of illegals into the country.


illigal immigrationnn

Border Wall

7 May

Trump wall

The next series of my blog posts will be politically themed regarding building a border wall, illegal immigration, legal immigration, and the cartel. These posts will contain positions and ideas from various politicians and include my own ideas as well.

Since 9/11 National Security has become the forefront of many citizens concerns among political positions, and leading this charge has brought about concerns over our border. Leading the charge in this election season is current GOP presumptive Presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump. Since the inception of his political campaign, Donald Trump has been preaching on building a wall along the US-Mexican Border. This single issue, many would argue, has led him to dominate the GOP primaries winning in landslide fashion over the crowded and star-studded field. With Trump now the lone GOP person in the race, the wall is certainly going to be a major issue in the National Election.


Carson endorses Trump!

11 Mar

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Dr. Ben Carson is my idol and I have the utmost respect for him as a man. So last night when I was walking to the library to do some research for one of my classes and my phone buzzed I was rather shocked at first to read what the message on my phone said, “Dr. Ben Carson to endorse Donald Trump” which was reported by CNN. So naturally I started to look into this story to see if it was, could be, and why it might be true. The more I looked the more I realized that this was going to be the reality. Does this mean that I now am going to shift to being a Trump supporter? I wouldn’t go that far at this point, but I am definitely not going to flat out say I will never support Trump.

Now at this point, I would be the most comfortable with Ted Cruz winning the nomination, but the more people who come out and endorse Trump make me want to look more into Trump as a candidate. The biggest concern I, and many others who skeptical of Mr. Trump, have is not necessarily what he has been saying, but how he has said things and weather or not he is going to do what he says. Personally, I do not care how he says things, I am, as a Carson fan, against the Political Correctness. The things that Trump has been saying that I agree with 100% are; Securing the Boarder, the mistreatment of the Veterans, State run Education, and his strong stance against ISIS, among other things as well.

Trump has been a polarizing figure, and honestly I think Trump, Cruz, and even Rubio would make good presidents, but the more people who I respect that continue to endorse Donald Trump, the more I look into him as a candidate. With people like Katrina Pierson, Sarah Palin, Jeff Sessions, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Ann Coulter, and now Dr. Ben Carson. The more I see people like the ones mentioned above endorsing Trump, the more I am intrigued and open to hopping on the “Trump Train”

Carson endorses Trump NY Times Article carson trump

How to beat Donald Trump

9 Mar

Although I am not going to say I am or am not a Donald Trump supporter I saw an interesting theory by Glenn Beck on the easiest way to defeat Donald Trump. He labeled it the political Dream Team. What does this “dream team” consist of?

President: Ted Cruz

Vice President: Marco Rubio

Once Ted and Marco team up their support will compete directly with Trumps numbers and with those two merging it would all but force Kasich out of the race and bring it to Trump V. Cruz (which many would say it already is).

Next they bring in Rand Paul to serve as secretary of the Treasury, where he will lead the charge to audit the Federal Reserve. This will bring some of the Rand Paul libertarian supporters to the Cruz campaign from Trump’s increasing Cruz’s supporters.

Then they release who their Supreme Court Nominee would be, Sen. Mike Lee from Utah who is a rock star among conservatives. Lee is a strong principled conservative with a clear understanding and respect for the Constitution, which will again expand Cruz’s support all but now making him convincingly ahead of Trump.

Lastly, the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, they bring in Dr. Ben Carson. They throw their support 100% behind him in a race to replace Marco Rubio as Senator from Florida. A race he has not entered in, yet in recent polls he has a commanding lead.

Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Lee, Carson… seems pretty unstoppable (atleast I think so).

Here is a link of Glenn Beck describing the Dream Team on his radio show. It includes a video and transcript.


Ben Carson: What Could have been

9 Mar


Now back to some content on my favorite thing to write about, Politics. As everyone probably knows we are in a very intense election season, and the candidates are getting very frisky as the fields are narrowing down. Essentially the Democrats have been settled on their candidates for the whole season which is why I am going to focus on the GOP in this post.

When this whole thing started I was supporting one candidate with my whole heart and soul, Dr. Benjamin Carson. Dr. Carson is someone I have been drawn to for quite some time now, and I have read his books, and attended events where I was able to meet him multiple times. Dr. Carson is someone I consider to be an idol of mine. The way he speaks, how he remains calm and did not allow himself to get caught up in the political mess. How he puts God first in his life, the way he lives his life for God and places ultimate trust in him. His relationship with his wife Candy, who is an incredible woman who I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to multiple times. For the first time my love of politics was drawing me to an individual.

I started off as a member of the RunBenRun movement, attending speeches, events, book signings, donating money to the movement to propel this man to run. Then I remember the day he officially announced he was running, May 4th. I actually skipped class because I got caught up watching his announcement. From then on I was all in to the movement. donating more money to the campaign buying merchandise, I even bought shirts and bumper stickers and gave them out as Christmas presents!!

Though he experienced some success and at one point was even competing directly with Donald Trump to be the front runner, many people lost sight of his message, and viewed his calm soft voice as a weakness, support fell as the louder more obnoxious candidates took up all the airspace, and sadly The Ben Carson Campaign is now only a footnote in history.

What did Ben stand for? What pulled me to him and his message?

  • He is a man of God, he has morals, and was not seeking the white house for power, but because he was called  by a grass roots movement of people who wanted someone with a rational temperament and grounded moral compass to lead us.
  • He is a common sense, non-politician conservative.
  • He is pro-life
  • He has exceptional problem solving skills and as a different perspective on politics than the usual politicians who all seem to be lawyers. As a doctor he spent his whole life actually fixing things and solving problems, saving lives. Where lawyers simply work to ind loopholes and get a win for their client.
  • He was born to a single mother, in a poverty stricken Detroit. Did not allow himself to fall to the waste side, he worked hard and made himself the man he is today. He did not use the situation he was born into as an excuse, and made himself into one of the most successful neurosurgeon’s ever. This is a trait we the American People have lost. We seem to look for excuses rather than solutions.

With all that being said, at the end of the day Dr. Carson is a decent man who simply wants whats best for the country, he is a humble man with no ambition of power, which I believe is an important trait to have if you want to be President of the United States.

Here is a brief Bio on Ben from his website.